Gillespie brass and steel butt plates.

Right now I carry two different types of butt plates. Both are available in nice yellow brass (no bronze!) or steel. The Gillespie style is a copy of the one on a Phillip Gillespie rifle signed and dated 1848. A picture of this rifle is shown on page 36 of my book The Gillespie Gun Makers of East Fork NC $22.50 plus $2.85 for First Class mail.

Gillespie butt plate from: top, rear, side

The Gillespie butt plate measurements are: length of top is 3 7/8" and height is 4 5/16", the butt width is 1 7/16". The brass is $22.95 and steel is $20.95 plus s/h.

Please call me at (804) 794 4863 or email me at tdg23113 (@) with questions. Items may be combined for a lower s/h charge. Make payment payable to T. Dennis Glazener. I prefer money orders but personal checks will be accepted for orders less than $100. Checks for orders over $100 will be held until cleared. My shipping address is: T. Dennis Glazener - 917 Manakin Rd. - Midlothian, VA 23113